Homer Area

Including the Cities of: Homer, Anchor Point, Seldovia, Ninilchik, Nikolaevsk, Fritz Creek

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Disclaimer Notice: This list of tutors is informational only. It is provided as a service to our parents and not intended to be a recommendation or validation of persons or services.

Listed Alphabetically by Subject

Core Subjects

Business Name: Annie Ridgely’s Educational Service / Ridgely, Annie
Location: Homer
Phone: 235-3965
E-mail: salmonannies@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

• Special education teacher for five years at middle school.
• Teaching certification: Alaska K-12 Special Education.
• Highly qualified in area of mathematics.
• Tutoring in any or all subjects as requested.
• All age and learning levels.
• Beginning to intermediate mosaic courses.
• Call for more information.
Lesson Description: 1-4 sessions per week, flexible hours, lessons 1 hour in length.
Cost: $25 per hour + tax

Business Name: Beyond a Classroom / Blaine, Lindsey
Location: Anchor Point
Phone: 299-7237
E-mail: alaskabeyondaclassroom@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Science, Math, Social Studies, Writing

Workshops and tutoring focusing on engaging students in learning. Regularly scheduled science workshops, small group and private tutoring, and equestrian lessons available. While we are based in Anchor Point, AK, we are happy to travel and provide services to other areas and offer online tutoring options. Visit our website to learn more. www.beyondaclassroom.org
Lesson Description: Varies
Cost: Workshop= 5 meetings for $100 or 1 on 1 tutoring: 30 min for $25; 60 min for $40

Business Name: Greenfield Global University / Carlson, Billeen
Location: Anchor Point
Phone: 399-1674
E-mail: greenfieldglobaluniversity@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Language Arts, History, Government

Humanity Courses
• Emphasis on student-led, project-based learning.
• Standards to align with Common Core, Alaskan Cultural, District, State and National Organizations.
• Skills to align with Tony Wagner’s Seven Skills for Student Success.
Lesson Description: 2 hours and meet weekly.
Cost: $30.00 per lesson.

Business Name: Nagaruk, Jerri
Location: Homer
Phone: 235-6277
E-mail: jerrinagaruk@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Middle/High School: Math, Reading, Lang Arts

• Algebra
• Geometry
• Practical Math Applications
Language Arts:
• Composition
• Research Papers
• Grammar
• Syntax
• Vocabulary Building
• Comprehension
• Oral reading practice
• Silent reading skills
Speech Preparation and presentation
Library Skills
• Algebra
• Geometry
• Practical Math Applications
Language Arts:
• Composition
• Research Papers
• Grammar
• Syntax
• Vocabulary Building
• Comprehension
• Oral reading practice
• Silent reading skills
Speech Preparation and presentation
Library Skills
Lesson Description: 1-2 hrs, 1-3 times per week or as needed
Cost: $20 per hr

Business Name: Playing With Words / Daigle, Ann
Location: Homer
Phone: 235-8744
E-mail: akisland_girlz@yahoo.com
Subjects Taught: Writing & Vocabulary Skills

Writing & Vocabulary Skills:
• Descriptive
• Narrative
• Dialogue
• Writing letters
• Poetry
• Persuasive
• Short Stories
• Essays
• Informative Writing
Materials: (depending on experience)
• Write Shop Level I
• Write With the Best
• Mosdos Literature
• Vocab for High Achievement
• IEW Student Writing Intensive Level
Lesson Description: 1 hour 3x a week.
Cost: $25

Business Name: Roberts, Annitta
Location: Nikolaevsk
Phone: 756-1290
E-mail: annittagreen@yahoo.com
Subjects Taught: Reading

Reading Tutor: will teach reading proficiency & comprehension as needed.
Lesson Description: 30 minutes 4 x a week
Cost: $10.00 per lesson.

Business Name: Smith, Barbara
Location: Homer
Phone: 399-2403
E-mail: barbsnoz@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Math, English, Study Skills

Middle School:
7th grade math
8th grade math
High School:
Study Skills
Lesson Description: 1hr 2-3x a week
Cost: $30

Business Name: Vicky’s Educational Services / Daniels, Vicky
Location: Ninilchik
Phone: 567-4434
E-mail: akdaniels@horizonsatellite.com
Subjects Taught: Reading, History, Japanese

• Phonics instruction, fluency, and comprehension all levels.
• Writing skills – spelling, grammar, syntax and organizational skills for essay writing, research papers, and creative writing.
• Methods used: 6 traits plus 1; Excellence in Writing, Sonday.
• Conversational skills.
• Instruction in katakana and hiragana; basic kanji.
• Understanding Japanese culture (I am and American but was born and raised in Japan).
• History, social studies, and geography:
• Teaching study skills, reading comprehension and test taking strategies; helping to make history come alive.
Lesson Description: 45 minutes to an hour, one or more times per week
Cost: Once a week: $25 and hour, 2 or more times a week $20 an hour.

Business Name: Spruceview School / Parrett, Krista
Location: Homer
Phone: 618-267-4185
E-mail: parrett01@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Core Tutoring & P.E.

• Early literacy
• Math Skills
• Reading
• Writing
• Science
• P.E.
Lesson Description: 1-3hrs per week
Cost: $25 per hr

Creative Arts

Business Name: Amy’s Musical Adventures / Johnson, Amy
Location: Homer
Phone: 299-6282
E-mail: amyjohsonak13@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Music Lessons

Skills Taught:
• Applied music instruction on:
o Band Instruments
o Piano
• Music Theory
Students will learn music reading skills and music theory during applied lessons. Band students will use Accent on Achievement. Piano students will use Alfred’s All in One Piano Course.
Students may also enroll in music theory only lessons, focusing on western music theory using Turek’s The Elements of Music.
Lesson Description: 30 minutes 1-2 times per week
Cost: $25.00

Business Name: Art Spectrum / Rourke, Linda
Location: Homer
Phone: 299-0415
E-mail: lsrourke@xyz.net
Subjects Taught: Art Workshop

Art Workshops: I will offer a variety of workshops such as mosaic glass; printmaking; middle level and high school level art classes from beginning to advanced; skills will range from exploration of the individual creative process, art fundamentals (art elements and principles of design); all classes could be tailored to meet the interests, needs and skills of the students.
Lesson Description: varies
Cost: varies

Business Name: Ben Firth Studios / Firth, Ben
Location: Homer
Phone: 226-2009
E-mail: ben@benfirthstudio.com
Subjects Taught: Music Instruction

Basic comprehension of:
• Music theory, using the piano & voice
• Musical expression and performance, using the piano & voice
Increasing comprehension, skill and interest in:
• Note reading
• Rhythm
• Chords
• Sight reading
• Rote
• Learning melodies & harmony by ear
• Transposition
• Transcription
• Recital participation
• Ensemble work
• Temp variations
• Dynamics
• Tonality
• John Thompson
• Faber
• Hal Leonard
• In Recital
• Celebration Series
• Various single selections
Lesson Description: 30-45 minutes weekly
Cost: $15 -$22.50

Business Name: Comfort, Carol
Location: Anchor Point
Phone: 235-8916
E-mail: 78chickens@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Piano

• I am a Suzuki piano teacher and teach music classes and piano lessons beginning with preschoolers.
• I use the Suzuki methodology, which primarily reinforces good musicality, a strong technical foundation and a sensitivity to the music. Suzuki Vol. I, Faber and Faber note reading.
Lesson Description: 30 or 45 minutes per lesson.
Cost: $28 per 30 minutes.

Business Name: Fagan, Aurora
Location: Homer
Phone: 299-7510
E-mail: aurora@benfirthstudio.com
Subjects Taught: Beginning Art

My current 3 day course teaches basic drawing techniques such as:
• Line drawing
• Volume drawing
• Field sketching
• Base water color painting
• I also use some methods from “Drawing with Children”, and “The Art of Field Sketching”.
Lesson Description: 3hrs for 3 days
Cost: $50

Business Name: Fenger, Eric
Location: Homer
Phone: 399-8756
E-mail: esfenger@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Guitar

• Technique: How to hold the guitar, hands and fingers; fret board note names and positions; major and minor scales; finger exercises.
• Sight Reading: Learning to read notes and play melodies from printed music.
• Harmony and Chords: Fingering, playing and memorizing chord patterns from chord grids on printed music; strumming and fingerstyle patterns for various harmonic textures.
• Practice: Weekly lessons; home practice ideally 5 of 7 days @ 30-45 minutes; regime includes a personalized list of activities practiced through the week and assessed at each lesson.
Lesson Description: 1 hour in length.
Cost: $40.00 per hour + tax ($3).

Business Name: Girassol Childcare and Art Studio / Moyer, Rosana
Location: Homer
Phone: 299-4733
E-mail: rosanamoyerchildcare@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Art Classes

My main goal is to offer opportunities for my students to handle all types of materials, explore techniques used in the works of renowned artists and to appreciate the value of the artistic productions of others. I believe that by studying the great masters, children learn to be better observers; they become familiar with the vocabulary of visual language and they come to appreciate art in their lives, in their homes and community.
Lesson Description: 2 days a week throughout the year
Cost: $20 per lesson

Business Name: Harbor School of Music & Dance / Pietsch, Tia
Location: Homer
Phone: 235-6705
E-mail: tia.s.pietsch@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Creative Arts and Physical Education

Creative Arts:In addition to private instruction in Piano, Violin, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Flute, Voice, and Music Theory, the Harbor School of Music & Dance offers group fine art classes, music instruction for early learners and a Children’s Choir. Lesson costs and duration vary.
Physical Education: The Harbor School of Music & Dance offers group and private instruction in ballet, creative dance, lyrical, tap and other dance genres, as well as pilates and other fitness-based courses. Class costs and duration vary.
Please visit www.myhsmd.com for more information about our programs.
Lesson Description: 45 minutes.
Cost: Call for more information

Business Name: Home Garden / Kauffman, Becca
Location: Homer
Phone: 299-0654 or 235-6769
E-mail: b.inspiration3@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Piano Lessons

• Beginning and intermediate levels
• Faber & Faber curriculum with supplementation in areas of interest
• Variety of music styles
• Emphasis on note reading, technique, expression, theory, scales & basic chording
• Incentive program
• Annual recital
Lesson Description: 45 minutes weekly
Cost: $24.00

Business Name: Homer Council on the Arts / Abrahamson, Kiki
Location: Homer
Phone: 235-4288
E-mail: office@homerart.org
Subjects Taught: Varies – please see webite for classes

Varies – please see webite for classes
Lesson Description: Varies – please see webite for classes
Cost: Varies – please see webite for classes

Business Name: Little Lambs Piano / Ronnegard, Laura
Location: Homer
Phone: 726-7588
E-mail: laura.susanne.myhill@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Piano

• Dependent on age/experience
• Finger numbers
• Note names/recognition
• Rhythm/counting
• The grand staff
• Scaler/techniques
• Music theory
• Sight reading
• Names and uses of piano parts
• Pedal usage
• Ear training
• Basic music history
• Music memorization
• Performance skills
• Alfred Music for Little Mozarts
• Bastien Piano Basics
• Alfred Basic Piano Library
Or determined per student for advanced students
Lesson Description: $25.00 – 30 minutes for beginner
$35.00 – 45 minutes for intermediate
$45.00 – 60 minutes for advanced
Cost: $25.00 – 30 minutes for beginner
$35.00 – 45 minutes for intermediate
$45.00 – 60 minutes for advanced

Business Name: Moore Music / Moore, Ashley
Location: Homer
Phone: 435-1002
E-mail: playbuylearn@mooremusic.com
Subjects Taught: Music

We teach music reading skills for voice, guitar, ukulele, woodwinds and brass instruments. Student learn to play alone and in groups. They learn their instrument and music theory as well as improvisation. We use a variety of books and online resources to promote a diverse array of musical styles.
Lesson Description: 30-60 minutes once or twice a week
Cost: $30

Business Name: Music Garden / Sarno. Lindianne
Location: Homer
Phone: 756-3356
E-mail: lindisarno@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Music

• Violin
• Viola
• Piano
• Guitar
• Ukulele
• Music Theory
• Songwriting
Use: Understanding Music textbook in music theory. All students learn to read music and play by ear. Scales, chords, arpeggios, the circle of fifths. The diatonic structure are all covered.
Lesson Description: 1hr once a week
Cost: $75 per hr

Business Name: Nancy’s Piano / Hannan, Nancy
Location: Homer
Phone: 334-301-0691
E-mail: hannanhomeschool@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Creative Art/Core Tutoring – Music: Piano/Flute; Math: Elem/Middle; English, Test Prep

Please Note: I prefer to teach in the student’s home.
* Music – Piano, Voice, and Flute
* Elementary – middle school math (I have experience with a number of curricula, but am most familiar with RightStart Math, Saxon, and Videotext Algebra)
* English – Classical Writing, Integrated English/History/Writing (using My Homeschool Journey curriculum and relevant “Living Books” as per Charlotte Mason method)
* Test Preparation – ACT, SAT, GRE
* ESL and phonics
Visit us Online at: https://www.wyzant.com/match/tutor/80483250#qual-1020341
Lesson Description: 30 minutes – 1 hr weekly
Cost: $40 per hr

Business Name: Perry Studio / Perry, Daniel
Location: Homer
Phone: 399-3818
E-mail: perydaniel@mac.com
Subjects Taught: Violin

Violin: Classical European
String Explorer Bk 1
Lesson Description: 1 hour a week
Cost: $60.00 per hour.

Business Name: Redfish Custom Framing / Melchert, Michelle
Location: Homer
Phone: 399-3709
E-mail: melchello1969@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: 3D Printing; Wood Working; Glass Painting & Design

1. Intro to 3D printing – basic workshop, instruction, creation of 3D model
2. 3D printer, engraving w/ laser
a. Workshop – 3D model, wood engraving/design
3. Shadow Box Creations – wood working
4. Glass Painting and Design
Lesson Description: 8wks or 1 class
Cost: 8 week course: $320; 1 class: $40

Business Name: Sinnhuber, Gary
Location: Homer
Phone: 235-7352
E-mail: silvrfin@xyz.net
Subjects Taught: Drums

• Will teach mastery of single and double stroke rolls, short rolls, and various rhythms.
• Drum rudiments.
• Will use Rubank Elementary Drum Method.
Lesson Description: 30 minutes, once a week, with 2 1//2 to 3 hours practice a week.
Cost: $30.00 per lesson

Business Name: Spirit Mountain Artworks / Koeninger, Art
Location: Homer
Phone: 235-1014
E-mail: akoeninger@acsalaska.net
Subjects Taught: Metal Jewerly Making

Upon completion of the class, students should be able to design and render jewelry an small metal objects from sheet, wire and other metal forms, in combination with other materials. Alternatively int eh case of the lost wax casting class, they should be able to design and render jewelry and small objects in wax, to cast the wax models into metal, and to finish the metal objects. They should have a working knowledge of a variety of tools, including the jewelers saw, files, flex shaft, dapping tools, ring and bracelet mandrels, anvils and soldering torches. They should be able to make a variety of objects, including rings brooches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, barrettes, buckles, chains, etc. They should be able to set stones in a bezel setting, and to create surface designs be various methods. Handouts are provided by the instructor. Texts are available during class time.
Lesson Description: 2-3 day workshop of a total of 15 hrs
Cost: $150.00

Business Name: Stamp Act / Beachy, Kathy
Location: Homer
Phone: 299-2774
E-mail: kathy@bcihomer.com
Subjects Taught: Music

• Reading Music
• Naming Notes
• Playing Chords
• Understanding Theory
• Performing in a spring recital
Lesson Description: 1/2 hr once a week
Cost: $18

Business Name: The Artful Eddy / Spaan, Kayla
Location: Homer
Phone: 435-7538
E-mail: kaylaspaan@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Printmaking and Design

• Printmaking and design.
• Students of all ages are invited to learn techniques appropriate to skill level and interest, within the field of Printmaking. From block printing to silk-screening.
• Children will create and design what they would like to do with these tools. Whether it is a framed piece art, or creating an edition to sell, or making t-shirts.
• I am here to make their visions come alive.
• The materials used will vary. However most students will get their own carving set, available at the Art Shop.
Lesson Description: 90 minutes, 1 to 2 times per week.
Cost: $35.00 per hour.

Business Name: The Green Room / Classen, Karmen
Location: Homer
Phone: 299-7001
E-mail: kfclassen@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Piano/Music Theory

I teach beginning to advanced piano and general music theory. I use a variety of curriculum, resources and material, many of which I have invented myself, to take the stress and frustration out of learning the core concepts and skills involved in music making. I teach to the parents’ goals and the student’s aspirations, whether they be classical training or personalized musical development. All students develop a solid foundation of musical knowledge and skill that will empower them in any musical pursuit. I place a strong emphasis on rhythm reading, scales and chord theory, score reading, ear training, fluid technique, and efficient practice habits. I encourage students to choose much of their own music, while introducing them to various genres and styles that will broaden their horizons while developing their skill sets. I am willing to use any curriculum the parent prefers, and enjoy teaching the Suzuki method to those who are inclined that way. I use a variety of visual aids and manipulatives in my teaching, and have developed my own methodology that I draw from as well. I love mentoring young musicians of any age, and no student is too young or old. My goal is to nurture and empower each individual to develop musically and succeed in his or her own unique way. I am not a one size fits all teacher. I welcome students with learning challenges, or fears ad frustrations surrounding music making. It doesn’t have to be confusing or frustrating. Schedule a free interview/first lesson to discover whether your student and I might work well together. Family rates available.
Lesson Description: 30/45/60 minutes weekly
Cost: $30 for 1/2 hr family rates available

Business Name: The Shop, Kachemak Bay Art Space / Pettibone, Elissa & David
Location: Homer
Phone: 320-282-7756
E-mail: contacttheshopak@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Art Studio

At The Shop, Kachemak Bay Art Space, we believe in the importance of creating, building and problem solving and that these characteristics of art making, learned at a very young age, manifest themselves in all reaches later in life. Our program advances your young artists’ technical skill set and encourages confidence in creative expression through a wide range of lessons ranging from drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture to natural dyeing and fiber arts.
Our program is structured after the atelier method – a traditional apprenticeship approach dating back to the Renaissance. At the age of 13, Michelangelo apprenticed at the workshop of painter Domenico Ghirlandaio where he briefly developed his skills before he became an artist for the royal court. Like most ateliers, studio practice begins with the fundamentals including drawing from casts made from classical sculpture and learning the basics of various art mediums and techniques. Through working individually with each young artist, we will be able to structure projects that reflect their personal interests and help them to develop their own unique voice.
Lesson Description: 3 hours once a week
Cost: $25

Physical Education

Business Name: Absolutely Dance / Rourke, Maya
Location: Homer
Phone: 299-6292
E-mail: lsrourke@xyz.net
Subjects Taught: Dance

A variety of dance will be offered. Examples are ballet, Latin, hip hop and Hawaiian.
Lesson Description: varies – see webite
Cost: varies – see webite

Business Name: Beyond a Classroom / Blaine, Lindsey
Location: Anchor Point
Phone: 299-7237
E-mail: alaskabeyondaclassroom@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Horsemanship

Horsemanship is an amazing activity that promotes physical fitness, balance, social-emotional skills and problem- solving. Join us at our private riding facility where we offer an outdoor arena, outdoor round pen and heated indoor arena for year-round riding. Learn from our AQHA Professional Horsemanship and our professionally-trained lesson horses who are both patient and fun! We work with individuals of all ages including those just starting out… all the way to those competing throughout the state. Da, evening and weekend rise times available.
Lesson Description: Varies
Cost: 30 min for $40; 60 min for $60

Business Name: Cirque Therapy / Gagnon, Melissa
Location: Homer
Phone: 756-3715
E-mail: cirquetherapy@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Circus Skills

For a detailed description please refer to the website: https://www.cirquetherapy.com/
Circus Skills Taught: tumbling, balance activities, juggling, trapeze, acrobalancing with specific progressions in each skill.
Learning materials & educational handouts provided.
Lesson Description: 60 minutes twice a week
Cost: $20

Business Name: Cycle Logical / Reynolds, Derek
Location: Homer
Phone: 226-2925
E-mail: cyclelogicalhomer@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Fatbike Rentals & Bicycle Mechanics

Rentals: Students can rent Fat Bikes to explore the Kachemak Bay beaches.
Maintenance Class: Cycle Logical offers a series of classes, stating with basic bicycle maintenance to advanced mechanical practices.
Lesson Description: 1.5 hours and Mechanical classes are 4 in a series
Cost: $50-$85 each

Business Name: Homer Bay Club / Blue, Kellie
Location: Homer
Phone: 235-2582
E-mail: HomerBayClub@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Various

Please see website for more details: Homer Bay Club
Lesson Description: Varies
Cost: Varies

Business Name: Homer Hockey Assoc / Stage, Heidi
Location: Homer
Phone: 235-2647
E-mail: info.kevinbellarena@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Skating

1. We Skate: Figure skating lessons – Ice Skating Institute Standards
2. Ice Breakers: Ice hockey lessons – USA Hockey Standards
3. HHA youth Hockey Teams: Coached Practices – USA Hockey
4. Glacier Girls: Female youth hockey lessons – USA Hockey
• USA Hockey Standards follow the ADM: American Development Model
Lesson Description: See website for details
Cost: Varies

Business Name: Kachemak Nordic Ski Club / Rauch, Carlin
Location: Homer
Phone: 399-1530
E-mail: knscjuniornordic@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Skiing

Children will work on balance, agility and fundamentals of cross country skiing including weight transfer, kick off and glide in both classic and skate technique. The PSIA Nordic technical model and standards are used.
Lesson Description: 1.5 hrs per week
Cost: $25.00

Business Name: Kachemak Swim Club / Yourkowski, Michael or Gunther, Thad
Location: Homer
Phone: 299-2628
Subjects Taught: Swimming

Students are taught skills necessary to compete competently in swimming. All coaches are certified and have all necessary certificates. The Kachemak Swim Club meets all requirements to participate in sanctioned meets.
Lesson Description: 3-5 days a week
Cost: Varies

Business Name: K-Bay Martial Athletics Assoc / Richardson, Martha
Location: Homer
Phone: 206-414-8319
E-mail: KbayMartialAthletics@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Cuong Nhu Martial Arts

Martial Arts teaches many life skills like accountability, self-confidence, perseverance, discipline, etc. As well as self-defense and body awareness. In our program we use the curriculum used and developed by Cuong Nhu Martial Arts Association as our guide for standards and methodology.
Lesson Description: 1-1.5 hrs 3-4 timer per week
Cost: $75 month

Business Name: LFS – Kali (K-Bay Martial Athletics) / Leffler II, Kurt
Location: Homer
Phone: 299-7239
E-mail: KbayMartialAthletics@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Physical Ed

For a detailed description please refer to the website: http://www.kbaymartialathletics.org
Lesson Description: 1.5 hrs 2 to 4 times a week
Cost: $75 per month

Business Name: SPARC / Espenshade, Virginia
Location: Homer
Phone: 299-2871
E-mail: sparchomer@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Gym Facility

The SPARC is a large, indoor playing space run by the non-profit Soccer Association of Homer. We offer a host of activities, including futsal (indoor soccer) for K-8th graders and an open pick-up game for middle school students through adults. We also host running and walking sessions, open gym sessions, youth baseball and softball, dry land training for youth ice hockey, ultimate Frisbee, badminton and dodge ball. Every Saturday night there is roller skating with some skates for rent. Most activities cost $3 per session for youth, but roller skating costs $6 plus $3 for skate rental. Our monthly schedule is posted at: http://sparchomer.org/ .
Lesson Description: see website: http://sparchomer.org/
Cost: varies

Practical Arts

Business Name: HoWL Inc: Homer Wilderness Leaders / Sturm, Dr. Michael
Location: Homer
Phone: 399-4695
E-mail: michael.sturm@howlalaska.org
Subjects Taught: Outdoor Education

Participants will gain skills that align with the following values through HoWL’s experiential, outdoor education program:
F. Fun; having fun, exploring, taking risks and being creative in the outdoors
A. Accessibility; Having access to the outdoors, regardless of where you come from or who you are
C. Conservation; Learning the Leave No Trace conservation and preservationist principles, and how the youth can take care of the planet
E. Education; HoWL instructor teach students how to survive and return to the wilderness on trips of their own, as competent wilderness leaders, to be respectful of the environment, their teammates and themselves
S. Safety; Learning to be aware and safe of the inherent risks that nature presents
Physical education – hiking, backpacking, camping, trail running, snow shoeing, mountain climbing, archery, etc…
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving – tracking, situational analysis, safety analysis, shelter and fire making in various conditions, primitive/survival skills.
Leadership – various workshops in first aid, guiding, edible and medicinal plants, conflict resolution, self-reflections and goal setting.
Science – wilderness journaling, scientific sketching, various studies of habitat growth, decline and development, restoration projects and data collection, literature/ELA – wilderness literature study. Outdoor writing workshops.
Lesson Description: Course Dependent
Cost: Course Dependent

Business Name: Papenfuss, Patricia
Location: Seldovia
Phone: 234-7600
E-mail: sassc60@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Reading Tutor & Cooking/Sewing

• Reading Tutor
• Simple Home Ec Skills: Basics of cooking, safety in the kitchen, proper knife skills, sewing basics
Lesson Description: 1hr 2 x a week
Cost: $30 hr

Business Name: The Good Life / Churchill, Kristen
Location: Homer
Phone: 299-7030
E-mail: captainkc@outlook.com
Subjects Taught: First Aid, CPR & AED

I teach First Aid, CPR and AED on an internationally and national recognized level. Many programs accept this accreditation such as OSHA, USCG, State of AK, etc.
This course is taught with a video, lecture and hands on portions which ends in an exam – both written and a scenario in which the student has to act out.
The certification expires after 2 years and is exceptionally useful if students will be using it in a babysitting environment.
Lesson Description: 6-7 hrs once a month
Cost: $55 (only for Connections students)

World Languages

Business Name: Ana Rosa Polit / Polit, Ana Rosa
Location: Homer
Phone: 435-7245
E-mail: mininipolit@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Spanish

Through total immersion in the language, the four areas of language development are addressed:
• Reading
• Writing
• Listening
• Speaking
• I plan for activities that are authentic and age appropriate that meet the program’s standards.
• Spanish taught in your home to fit your schedule.
Lesson Description: 1hour 2-3 times a week
Cost: $25 per class or $300 per semester

Business Name: Emmy Brooks Spanish Tutoring / Brooks, Emmy
Location: Homer
Phone: 399-6885
E-mail: kybeanqueen@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Spanish

• Pronunciation, vocabulary, verb conjugations, sentence translations, recognizing and responding to oral commands, asking and answering questions
• Memorization/recitation, learning games, group work, worksheets and song/music are used to implement the skills being taught
• Spanish for Children, Primer A is the primary text used, supplemental with EduPress Bingo, Learning Wrap-ups, Instructional Fair Reproducible worksheets, a Spanish-English dictionary and PowerGlide flashcards
Lesson Description: 45 minutes 4 days/week
Cost: $25

Business Name: Pederson, Sherry
Location: Homer
Phone: 435-7479
E-mail: smarousek@yahoo.com
Subjects Taught: ASL – Sign Language

• Learn about deaf culture
• Learn American Sign Language
o Based on standards for learning American Sign Language based on grade level
• Hands-On signing; worksheets with signs
Lesson Description: 45-60minutes 1x a week
Cost: $30