Homer Area

Including the Cities of: Homer, Anchor Point, Seldovia, Ninilchik, Nikolaevsk, Fritz Creek

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Disclaimer Notice: This list of tutors is informational only. It is provided as a service to our parents and not intended to be a recommendation or validation of persons or services.

Business Name: Homer Council on the Arts / Abrahamson, Kiki Location: Homer Phone: 235-4288 E-mail: office@homerart.org Subjects Taught: Varies – please see webite for classes

Synopsis: Skills taught are: Varies – please see webite for classes Lesson Description: Varies – please see webite for classes Cost: Varies – please see webite for classes

Business Name: Stamp Act / Beachy, Kathy Location: Homer Phone: 299-2774 E-mail: kathy@bcihomer.com Subjects Taught: Music

Synopsis: Skills taught are: • Reading Music • Naming Notes • Playing Chords • Understanding Theory • Performing in a spring recital Lesson Description: 1/2 hr once a week Cost: $18

Business Name: Emmy Brooks Spanish Tutoring / Brooks, Emmy Location: Homer Phone: 399-6885 E-mail: kybeanqueen@gmail.com Subjects Taught: Spanish

Synopsis: Skills taught are: • Pronunciation, vocabulary, verb conjugations, sentence translations, recognizing and responding to oral commands, asking and answering questions • Memorization/recitation, learning games, group work, worksheets and song/music are used to implement the skills being taught • Spanish for Children, Primer A is the primary text used, supplemental with EduPress Bingo, Learning Wrap-ups, Instructional Fair Reproducible worksheets, a Spanish-English dictionary and PowerGlide flashcards Lesson Description: 45 minutes 4 days/week Cost: $25

Business Name: Comfort, Carol Location: Anchor Point Phone: 235-8916 E-mail: 78chickens@gmail.com Subjects Taught: Piano

Synopsis: Skills taught are: • I am a Suzuki piano teacher and teach music classes and piano lessons beginning with preschoolers. • I use the Suzuki methodology, which primarily reinforces good musicality, a strong technical foundation and a sensitivity to the music. Suzuki Vol. I, Faber and Faber note reading. Lesson Description: 30 or 45 minutes per lesson. Cost: $28 per 30 minutes.

Business Name: Ben Firth Studios / Firth, Ben Location: Homer Phone: 226-2009 E-mail: ben@benfirthstudio.com Subjects Taught: Music Instruction

Synopsis: Skills taught are: Basic comprehension of: • Music theory, using the piano & voice • Musical expression and performance, using the piano & voice Increasing comprehension, skill and interest in: • Note reading • Rhythm • Chords • Sight reading • Rote • Learning melodies & harmony by ear • Transposition • Transcription • Recital participation • Ensemble work • Temp variations • Dynamics • Tonality Methods: • John Thompson • Faber • Hal Leonard • In Recital • Celebration Series • Various single selections Lesson Description: 30-45 minutes weekly Cost: $15 -$22.50

Business Name: Miss Vee’s Tutoring AK / Jones, Veronica Location: Homer Phone: 299-4596 E-mail: MissVeeTeachingAK@outlook.com Subjects Taught: Math, Reading & Writing

Synopsis: Skills taught are: KPBSD approved basic in math, reading, writing. Primary programs include ABeCeDarian, Saxon Math, First Steps (reading rsource), BOB Reading, Bridges Intervention(Math), ExcelMath, and various leaning games(dice counting, card games, grammer, literacy centers, and other hands-on learning strategies). Dependingon individual student needs. Lesson Description: Two to Four Hours two to three times a week. Cost: $30 hr

Business Name: Home Garden / Kauffman, Becca Location: Homer Phone: 299-0654 or 235-6769 E-mail: b.inspiration3@gmail.com Subjects Taught: Piano Lessons

Synopsis: Skills taught are: • Beginning and intermediate levels • Faber & Faber curriculum with supplementation in areas of interest • Variety of music styles • Emphasis on note reading, technique, expression, theory, scales & basic chording • Incentive program • Annual recital Lesson Description: 45 minutes weekly Cost: $24.00

Business Name: Spirit Mountain Artworks / Koeninger, Art Location: Homer Phone: 235-1014 E-mail: akoeninger@acsalaska.net Subjects Taught: Metal Jewerly Making

Synopsis: Skills taught are: Upon completion of the class, students should be able to design and render jewelry an small metal objects from sheet, wire and other metal forms, in combination with other materials. Alternatively int eh case of the lost wax casting class, they should be able to design and render jewelry and small objects in wax, to cast the wax models into metal, and to finish the metal objects. They should have a working knowledge of a variety of tools, including the jewelers saw, files, flex shaft, dapping tools, ring and bracelet mandrels, anvils and soldering torches. They should be able to make a variety of objects, including rings brooches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, barrettes, buckles, chains, etc. They should be able to set stones in a bezel setting, and to create surface designs be various methods. Handouts are provided by the instructor. Texts are available during class time. Lesson Description: 2-3 day workshop of a total of 15 hrs Cost: $150.00

Business Name: Girassol Childcare and Art Studio / Moyer, Rosana Location: Homer Phone: 299-4733 E-mail: rosanamoyerchildcare@gmail.com Subjects Taught: Art Classes

Synopsis: Skills taught are: My main goal is to offer opportunities for my students to handle all types of materials, explore techniques used in the works of renowned artists and to appreciate the value of the artistic productions of others. I believe that by studying the great masters, children learn to be better observers; they become familiar with the vocabulary of visual language and they come to appreciate art in their lives, in their homes and community. Lesson Description: 2 days a week throughout the year Cost: $20 per lesson

Business Name: Spruceview School / Parrett, Krista Location: Homer Phone: 618-267-4185 E-mail: parrett01@gmail.com Subjects Taught: Core Tutoring & P.E.

Synopsis: Skills taught are: • Early literacy • Math Skills • Reading • Writing • Science • P.E. Lesson Description: 1-3hrs per week Cost: $25 per hr

Business Name: Pederson, Sherry Location: Homer Phone: 435-7479 E-mail: smarousek@yahoo.com Subjects Taught: ASL – Sign Language

Synopsis: Skills taught are: • Learn about deaf culture • Learn American Sign Language o Based on standards for learning American Sign Language based on grade level • Hands-On signing; worksheets with signs Lesson Description: 45-60minutes 1x a week Cost: $30

Business Name: Pettibone, David Location: Homer Phone: 480-735-9727 E-mail: davidpettibone@gmail.com Subjects Taught: Art Studio

Synopsis: Skills taught are: I have taught drawing, life drawing and painting in NYC and Alaska at various colleges and institutions. I teach foundation based drawing techniques and then work with the students to develop their unique artistic “voice”. Currently, due to covid-I teach remotely, via zoom. Lesson Description: 1 hour up to twice a week Cost: $30

Business Name: Kachemak Nordic Ski Club / Rauch, Carlin Location: Homer Phone: 399-1530 E-mail: knscjuniornordic@gmail.com Subjects Taught: Skiing

Synopsis: Skills taught are: Children will work on balance, agility and fundamentals of cross country skiing including weight transfer, kick off and glide in both classic and skate technique. The PSIA Nordic technical model and standards are used. Lesson Description: 1.5 hrs per week Cost: $25.00

Business Name: Cycle Logical / Reynolds, Derek Location: Homer Phone: 226-2925 E-mail: cyclelogicalhomer@gmail.com Subjects Taught: Fatbike Rentals & Bicycle Mechanics

Synopsis: Skills taught are: Rentals: Students can rent Fat Bikes to explore the Kachemak Bay beaches. Maintenance Class: Cycle Logical offers a series of classes, stating with basic bicycle maintenance to advanced mechanical practices. Lesson Description: 1.5 hours and Mechanical classes are 4 in a series Cost: $50-$85 each

Business Name: Polaris Dojo / Richardson, Martha Location: Homer Phone: 206-414-8319 E-mail: polarisdojo@gmail.com Subjects Taught: Cuong Nhu Martial Arts

Synopsis: Skills taught are: Martial Arts teaches many life skills like accountability, self-confidence, perseverance, discipline, etc. As well as self-defense and body awareness. In our program we use the curriculum used and developed by Cuong Nhu Martial Arts Association as our guide for standards and methodology. Lesson Description: 1-1.5 hrs 3-4 timer per week Cost: $75 month

Business Name: Art Spectrum / Rourke, Linda Location: Homer Phone: 299-0415 E-mail: lsrourke@xyz.net Subjects Taught: Art Workshop

Synopsis: Skills taught are: Art Workshops: I will offer a variety of workshops such as mosaic glass; printmaking; middle level and high school level art classes from beginning to advanced; skills will range from exploration of the individual creative process, art fundamentals (art elements and principles of design); all classes could be tailored to meet the interests, needs and skills of the students. Lesson Description: varies Cost: varies