Seward Area

Including the Cities of: Seward, Moose Pass, Cooper Landing.
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Disclaimer Notice: This list of tutors is informational only. It is provided as a service to our parents and not intended to be a recommendation or validation of persons or services.

Listed Alphabetically by Subject

Core Subjects

Business Name: Kaiser, Janis
Location: Seward
Phone: 288-5677
Subjects Taught: Math

• Grades 2 – 5: basic math including addition, subtraction, whole numbers, simple fractions, improper/proper/mixed fractions, tables, and graphs.
• Grade 6: positive and negative numbers, multiplication and division, including fractions with common/uncommon denominators, decimals relation to fractions, measurement.
Lesson Description: 4 hours in length, once a week.
Cost: Contact for rates.

Business Name: Meghan O’Leary Tutoring / O’Leary, Meghan
Location: Seward
Phone: 935-6803
Subjects Taught: Math/Science

Math Tutoring:
• K-Geometry
Science Tutoring:
• Chemistry
• Biology
• Physics
Lesson Description: 1hr 2-3 times a week
Cost: $30hr

Creative Arts

Business Name: Deter Music / Detert, Vickie
Location: Seward
Phone: 224-4987
Subjects Taught: Music Lessons: Piano / Concert Band Instruments

• Teaching music reading and proper playing technique
• Piano, wind instruments (woodwinds & brass), percussion
• Grade 1 and above for piano
• Grade 4 and above for other instruments
Lesson Description: Weekly
Cost: $20 for 1/2 hour (5 consecutive lessons – 5th is free)

Business Name: KPS Fine Arts Gallery / Schaefermeyer, Kwangsook
Location: Seward
Phone: (907) 422-0367
Subjects Taught: Beginners Art

Beginning to advance: Learn how to paint:
• Still Life
• Portraits
• Landscapes
• Abstract Paintings
• Botanical Art in Watercolor/Acrylic
Each week we paint different subjects and learn different skills, methods with a variety of mediums.
Lesson Description: 60 – 90 minutes once or twice a week
Cost: $25 – $45

Business Name: Pechuzal, Justine
Location: Seward
Phone: 521-0311
Subjects Taught: Art

This class focuses on basic painting skills as color mixing, brushwork and composition. Concepts will be related to elements and principles of art, as well as the co-op theme of Zoology-flying creatures. Students will see examples of famous artworks as well as teacher examples. Brushes, paint, paper and other supplies provided by the instructor.
Lesson Description: 1hr once a month
Cost: $10 per student

Business Name: Stacie’s Studies / Werner, Stacie
Location: Seward
Phone: 491-1103
Subjects Taught: Piano

I will be teaching:
• Note Reading
• Rhythm
• Technique
• Performance
• Theory
• Sight-reading
• Ear training
• Hand chimes
• Improvisation
Lesson Description: Weekly
Cost: $ 20 ½ Hr; $ 25 45 Min; $ 30 Hr

Physical Education

Business Name: 5th Ave. Fitness / Tapfield, Marvin
Location: Seward
Phone: (909) 275-6387
Subjects Taught: Physical Education

5th Ave. Fitness has two gym locations: 231 Fifth Ave. and 234 fourth Ave., both located next to each other in Seward Alaska. Together, our gyms contain 4400sq. ft. of working space.
We have:
• Aerobic/classrooms
• Free weights
• Cardio machines
• Plate loaded machines
• Nautilus machines
• Variety of classes
• Shower facilities
• Both gyms have all the equipment of most large gyms. Our equipment is kept in excellent condition and all our gym facilities are kept clean!
5th Ave. Fitness is a 24/7 facility. Members are given their own personal door codes to enter both gyms at any time!
Lesson Description: TBA
Cost: $15 per hr walk in or please call for students rates

Business Name: Bardy’s Trail Rides / Dodson, Breanna
Location: Seward
Phone: 362-7863
Subjects Taught: Horse Familiarization

How to take care of a horse safely for both the horse and owner. All hands on experience with the horses.
Lesson Description: 1hr 2 x week
Cost: $60.00

Business Name: Marathon Wrestling Club / Williams, Jewel
Location: Seward
Phone: 422-7130
Subjects Taught: Wrestling

Youth wrestling skills will be taught in the following categories:
• Freestyle
• Folkstyle
• Greco-Roman
Lesson Description: 3 times per week for 4 months
Cost: $80

Business Name: Salted Roots Yoga / Cavaretta, Kelly Ann
Location: Seward
Phone: 760-685-4935
Subjects Taught: Yoga Classes

Salted Roots Yoga is a holistic studio offering courses in yoga, meditation, and special wellness workshops. Our classes are alignment-based and breath-centered so that students can gain confidence and skills both on and off the mat. We firmly believe that yoga should be accessible by anyone anywhere.
Lesson Description: 60/75 minutes daily
Cost: $12 per class

Business Name: Seward Tsunami Swim Club / Jacoby, Leslie
Location: Seward
Phone: 224-5341
Subjects Taught: Swimming

SEWARD TSUNAMI SWIM CLUB (STSC) is a developmental and competitive swim team that provides a supervised aquatics program for Seward area youth ages 5-18. STSC is a member of Alaska Swimming, Inc., Alaska committee of United States Swimming (USS), which in turn is the national governing body for the sport and the organization which registers and insures athletes, sanctions events, and conducts competitions and development programs.
ORGANIZATION: STSC is a non-profit organization, tax-exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS code. We have a contracted coaching staff and parent volunteer Board which conduct the daily business of the organization. STSC board meetings are held monthly on the third Thursday. Additional parent meetings geared toward your swimmer(s) and their development in the sport, rather than club operations, will be scheduled later in the season and announced via e-mail. If you are interested in learning more about club operations, or in serving on the Board, please contact any board member or email us at: stsc_feelthewave
Lesson Description: Please see website
Cost: Please see website

Business Name: The Apex Gym LLC / Schaffer, Stacy
Location: Seward
Phone: 224-7222
Subjects Taught: Physical Ed

• Dance: tap, jazz, modern, hip hop, ballet & belly dancing
• Gymnastics
• Karate
• Yoga
Lesson Description: weekly
Cost: $7 – $15

Practical Arts

Business Name: Seaside Desserts / Clark, Miranda
Location: Seward
Phone: 907-491-1241
Subjects Taught: Baking 101

Baking with Maranda Clark the Owner of Seaside Desserts:
With a hands on approach, this baking course will encourage its students to stick their fingers into the pie, have a smudge of flour on their noses, and a tasty treat to take home; bring some old shirts, because it is about to get messy in the kitchen with some learning!
Not only will students learn to bake but they will learn about how science is used in baking; including what each ingredient does and how they react to each other.
Science is not the only thing this course will touch on; fractions will be included as well. Baking is all about the halves, fourths, and thirds after all.
Baking is a gateway to making math and science fun and applicable to real-life for you or your child. So bring your appetite for some sweet learning as each course is individualized for each person’s preference for what they are interested in learning.
You or your child can choose from:
• Biscotti
• Cheesecake
• Cobbler
• Cookies
• Cupcakes
• Mini Cake
• Pie
• Scones
This is available for K-8th grade. My hours would be Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 6pm-8pm and Saturday 10am-12pm, 12:30pm-2:30pm, 3pm-5pm.
Lesson Description: 1.5 – 2 hrs
Cost: $40

Business Name: Topside Services / Norvell. Hill
Location: Seward
Phone: 321-8886
Subjects Taught: Intro to Welding

Skills: safety, theory, welding processes, oxy/acetylene cutting, plasma, GMAW, SMAW, GTAW, oxy fuel welding, tool use, tools of the trade
Text/Materials: Hoobasar Rampaul & other TBD
Lesson Description: 1hr twice per week
Cost: $20 per lesson

World Languages

Business Name: Flying Hands / Busby, Namutebi
Location: Seward
Phone: 288-6791 or 379-2688
Subjects Taught: ASL Tutoring

Students will be taught the mechanics of American Sign Language (ASL), fingerspelling and possibly some Signed Exact English (SEE). This will include signed vocabulary, classifiers, facial expressions, oral morphemes, etc… Various materials including Signing Naturally, websites, etc… will be utilized.
Lesson Description: 1 hr twice a week
Cost: $20hr

Business Name: Pichotta, Brigitte
Location: Seward
Phone: 570-4489
Subjects Taught: Spanish

Specific skills include grammar, pronunciation, speaking, writing and reading using my knowledge as a native Spanish speaker. I will take a conversational approach to lessons, focusing on subjects that the students are interested in to develop their overall language skills. I will use the bilingual story books appropriate to the student’s ages as a method of teaching.
Lesson Description: 50 minutes once a week
Cost: $20

Business Name: Tara Lee’s 1, 2, 3’s / Swanson, Tara
Location: Seward
Phone: 422-7555
Subjects Taught: Spanish Courses

Spanish lessons given through play and dynamic learning. Materials are original and created unique to each student or group. Methodology is based on acquisition of language through play: oral and speech through interaction with peers.
Lesson Description: 1-2 per week
Cost: $25 per hour