Welcome to the Connections Alaska Homeschool Program

Message from the Principal

Welcome to the Christmas Season with Connections!

We are bigger than the Peninsula now. Yes, Connections Homeschool program is now classified as a “Statewide Correspondence Program.” What this means is we can continue to serve families now enrolled in KPBSD but move to other parts of the State. Someday, we will start accepting families that do not originate on the Peninsula and maybe even actively recruit from outside our community, but for now, we are focusing our service on you and your needs.

I would like to thank all the folks involved in our first PAC meeting. Several great suggestions came out of that very simple meeting. For example, we have reconfigured our newsletter to put all the time sensitive information at the beginning for those who don’t have time to read the whole thing. Another product of the PAC was our first “Post High School” prep night that occurred on November 10. This type of night will become a regular event in our yearly calendar even though we will likely hold it in mid-September next year. Please plan to attend our  next PAC meeting in late January.(TBA) If you can’t make it then, or would like to let us know your thoughts, please call me at 714-8880 or email at dhayman@kpbsd.k12.ak.us.

Thank you,

Doug Hayman, Principal, Connections Homeschool Program

Call us at 714-8880 if you have questions or would like to ask questions about the Premier Homeschool Program of the Kenai Peninsula.

OFFICE AND STAFF CONTACT INFORMATION: Connections has three locations to serve the Kenai Peninsula. Please call our offices or stop by today.

 143 E. Park Ave. Soldotna, AK 99669
PH: 907.714.8880    
FX: 907.262.2859
206 East Pioneer Ave. Homer, AK 99603
PH: 907.226.1880
FX: 907.235.3475
304 Sea Lion Ave. Seward, AK 99664 PH: 907.224.9035
FX: 907.224.9036

To request high school transcripts: Please call your local office or click here.
Connections Program School Code is: 020360

KPBSD School Safety Closure Information

Emergency Guidelines for Parents and Guardians