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About Connections

     Explore Connections Homeschool Program! Our purpose is to serve as the voice of homeschool education in Kenai Peninsula communities. Connections provides individualized educational options, and supports parents as their children’s primary teachers. Both the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District & Connections Homeschool Program believe homeschool is a viable educational option for parents who are committed to taking responsibility for the education of their children.

Connections Homeschool…

  • is the only homeschool program JUST for Kenai Peninsula families.
  • provides instructional resources, curriculum counseling, technology, & funding to support students’ Individualized Learning Plans.
  • qualified students have access to Special Education resources through KPBSD.
  • students may take up to two classes at their local neighborhood KPBSD school.
  • students may participate in KPBSD sport programs and activities.
  • students may take classes in the arts, music, dance, world languages, and PE from approved vendors as well as community classes, and courses from the Kenai Peninsula College.
  • students (fourth grade and older) receive a KPBSD email account powered by Google.
  • receives state funding that benefits KPBSD and the Kenai Peninsula.

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