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About Connections

     Explore Connections Homeschool Program! Our purpose is to serve as the voice of homeschool education in Kenai Peninsula communities. Connections provides individualized educational options, and supports parents as their children’s primary teachers. Both the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District & Connections Homeschool Program believe homeschool is a viable educational option for parents who are committed to taking responsibility for the education of their children.

Connections Homeschool…

  • is the only homeschool program JUST for Kenai Peninsula families.
  • provides instructional resources, curriculum counseling, technology, & funding to support students’ Individualized Learning Plans.
  • qualified students have access to Special Education resources through KPBSD.
  • students may take up to two classes at their local neighborhood KPBSD school.
  • students may participate in KPBSD sport programs and activities.
  • students may take classes in the arts, music, dance, world languages, and PE from approved vendors as well as community classes, and courses from the Kenai Peninsula College.
  • students (fourth grade and older) receive a KPBSD email account powered by Google.
  • receives state funding that benefits KPBSD and the Kenai Peninsula.

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Connections provides each student with the following educational allotment.

  • Grades K-12: $2,700
  • Pre-K Sibling: $500 for Literacy & Numeracy

After October 19, 2023- the allotment is decreased to $1350. 

After January 10, 2024-  there is no allotment available. We do still provide for students educational needs. 

The allocation may be used for resources that fill the curricular requirements of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. These include the traditional core subject areas of math, social studies, science/health, language arts, reading, world language, and technology. Connections will also contract with and reimburse for local pre-approved instructors or tutors (vendors) to provide fine arts and P.E. Fine Arts and P.E. forms must be completed by the vendor.

Ken Carrico 714-8911 or kcarrico@kpbsd.k12.ak.us

Connections provides students with a windows based laptop. An insurance premium fee of $25 will be deducted annually from the student’s allotment. Setting up internet access is the parent’s responsibility. They may choose the internet provider. Connections will reimburse up to $125 per month for internet services from the students allotment. Connections will not reimburse for phone line access to receive internet service, installation charges, or a second phone line. Computers and components are to be returned in the condition in which they were provided (according to the terms set forth in the Computer & Insurance Use Agreement). In the case of loss or negligent damage, the user is responsible for the $100.00 deductible insurance fee.

Technical support is available to help with computer hardware and software problems.

There are some very minimal conditions that must be met in order for the KPBSD to offer this outstanding program and be supported by the State for funding:

Teaching and learning at home is a commitment. It is highly recommended a parent be in the home during the day taking an active role in teaching the enrolled Connections student. Health, safety, and supervision must be a priority in any engaged teaching/learning context.

Parents and advisors will collaboratively construct an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for each student enrolled in the program. Parents report their students’ progress at the end of each semester, with a total of two semesters. Connections Advisors will be available to assist you in writing these plans. ILP forms are available on the website to assist you in your planning.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District may not reimburse for sales tax. Purchases without pre-approval run the risk of non-reimbursement; requests must be aligned with the ILP and include the original receipt documenting payment. The district accounting department processes all district checks weekly. Given the day reimbursements are received in Connections, a period of three to four weeks may, in extreme cases, elapse prior to your receipt.