Information for Instructors, Tutors and Vendors

To become a Vendor/Instructor/Tutor for the KPB School District you must:

1.    Fill out an Instructor/Tutor application form and a W-9.

Return both to the Connections Office. Please make sure the reference’s contact information is up-to-date. References will be checked. You may email your application and W-9 to

Instructor and Tutor Application Form
Instructor/Tutor W-9

2.    Supply us with a Borough Sales Tax number.

You are required to provide a Borough Sales Tax registration number in order to be compensated by the School District. If you need to obtain a number, follow the link below to the KPB Sales Tax page. Next, download the “Registration_Application” form. Complete and email/mail the form to the Kenai Peninsula Borough (see application on how to submit the form). If you would like to receive your sales tax number as soon as possible, it is recommended that the applicant call the Kenai Peninsula Borough after 3-4 business days from submitting the application.

Kenai Peninsula Borough Sales Tax Forms

3.     Complete a Background Check (Must be updated yearly)

KPBSD uses it’s Volunteer Program to process background checks for anyone working with students. We recommend renewing at the end of August.  You are required to complete a background checkand be approved prior to becoming a Vendor/Instructor/Tutor for Connections, and receiving any payments from the School District.

KPBSD Volunteer Background Check Home Page

Choose New Application, or Returning (If you have Volunteered for KPBSD before)
On Page 4, Choose – Connections (either, Soldotna, Homer, Seward)

It is the responsibility of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District to safeguard students while they are in our care. Therefore, every instructor and tutor must complete the volunteer screening process online and agree to a background check. The process should only take a few minutes to complete, and all information gathered will be kept confidential.
KPBSD Human Resources department will have access to the information, and safeguards are in place to ensure its security.
The volunteer background check only looks for criminal history, not financial (credit rating), medical history, or civil matters. The School Principal will be notified if there is a problem with a background check, but the specifics of an offense will not be released to the school.
Please complete the application as soon as possible because it takes time to complete the process. If you choose not to do so, your application will become null and void. Background checks must be updated yearly.

Information for Vendor/Tutors/Instructors on HOW-TO receive payments for services:

Services can be paid directly to you by the parent, then the parent submits a reimbursement form to Connections.
Services can be set up to be paid directly to you by the school district…see link below

Vendor Direct Payment Information for Vendors