Homeschooling – Ahead of the Trend

I just read an article about how “student-centered” learning is the future of education. Imagine that!
I prefer using the term “personalized learning,” but the idea is the same. Provide students with learning opportunities based on their interests and passions, at a time and place when and where the student is ready. Effective learning is not limited to classrooms, lectures, formal research projects, and other activities typically associated with “school.” Learning happens everywhere, all the time. This concept is gaining momentum among educational thinkers.
Homeschool parents are ahead of the trend. Many homeschool families have recognized the diverse learning opportunities avaialable to students. I often refer to an infographic from KnowledgeWorks’ Forecast 3.0:  A Glimpse into the Future of Learning. This glimpse of the future makes many predictions:

  • “School” will take many forms.
  • Learning will not be defined by time and space.
  • Learners and families will create individualized learning playlists.
  • Radical personalization will become the norm.
  • Geographic and virtual communities will take ownership of learning in new ways.
  • “As more people take it upon themselves to find solutions, a new wave of social innovation will help address resource constraints and other challenges.”

As an educator, I see these ideas coming to fruition. Working with homeschoolers, I see the incredible things students accomplish when the above ideas are put into action.
Here is a link  to the article that spurred this post:  Student-Centered Learning Can Modernize Schools:  Our education system isn’t broken; it’s outdated.


Greg Melvin
Author: Greg Melvin