Redwood Samurai
Kasilof, AK
Physical Education
Per Month
2-3x Per Week
SUBJECT DETAILS: Physical Education
LESSON DESCRIPTION: The foundation of the program is "Kendo- the way of the Japanese sword." (Kendo is a world wide Sport/Martial Art and Way of life). However, throughout this specific program, we involve each group of children in a wide variety of S.T.E.M. related arts and crafts. All of the activities and crafts are designed to challenge the student individually through solo projects, as well as group and co-operative projects. These will develop the individual, in addition to cultivate a community among their peers. Some projects are as follows: Sewing, cross stitch , Friendship bracelet Weaving, Creating Blue Prints using measurements, Mathematics Geometry, the use of various tools; all developing both gross and fine motor skills.