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SEWARD- Presentation Day

Presentation Day – Wednesday, April 3rd,   from 12pm – 2pm  

This is a great opportunity for your student(s) to engage in public speaking and to celebrate their learning/accomplishments with their peers and with us!

Please RSVP through the What’s Happening!

Here are a few details to help your student prepare:

  • Has your family recently traveled to an exciting place?
  • Does your child have a unique skill or talent they would like to share?
  • Has your student studied hard and learned something amazing, memorized a poem, or wrote a song?
  • Does your child have a cool collection, model, or pet they want to highlight?
  • All grade levels are encouraged to participate, and any concept or project is acceptable for presenting.
  • If your child is apprehensive about participating, audience participation is also welcome, and may inspire future involvement

Before the big day, take time with your child to practice public speaking/listening skills:

1.  Presentations should be 10 minutes or less;

2. Face the audience, not your mom or just your project. Use eye-contact

3. Speak in a loud enough voice to be heard at the back of the room;

4. Any poster needs bold, large letters to be seen by the audience. Pencils and fine line markers are invisible from more than a few feet away;

5. If notes are needed, it is better to use index cards, so you are not holding a big piece of paper in front of your face;

6. When others are speaking, sit silently, giving attention to the speaker. Save questions for after the person is done speaking.

The event is finished.

Apr 03 2024
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


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