Welcome to The Principal's Office

While getting sent to, or going to, the principal’s office might carry some negative memories for those of us who grew up in the brick-and-mortar school system, this principal’s office is different.
I’ve spent a good portion of this first  year as principal of the Connections Homeschool Program trying to figure out how to better communicate with our home school families. The first thing I wanted to do was find a way to share student achievements. We’ve got students doing amazing things. I want to focus a spotlight on those students. There have also been times I’ve wanted to reflect on an event, share and article, or review a book that home school families might find interesting and useful.
The Principal’s Office will be my attempt to share with the Connections’ homeschool community. I’m not a seasoned blogger. I will be learning as I go. I’m also not trying to become a blogger that will gain fame or fortune with my prose. My goal is to provide information for Connections’ families. I hope you find The Principal’s Office a useful, friendly place to go.
Rich Bartolowits
Principal, Connections

Greg Melvin
Author: Greg Melvin