When do you study math?

244px-3_Colour_Flowers_Problem.svgBelieve it or not, research shows some times of day are better than other to study certain subjects. You might be surprised by some of the findings.

According to the research, students who took math classes in the morning had higher grades and performed better on standardized tests than students in afternoon classes. Students taking English classes in the morning had higher grades, but did not show better results on standardized tests.
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We (the Connections team) always recommend setting a schedule for your home studies. Learning to follow a routine is an important skill for students to learn. Having a schedule is one of the common factors we recognize as a “key for success.” When you make your schedule consider what subjects will be studied first, and which will be last. The above mentioned research indicates that you might want to put math near the top of list. It is also a good idea to not schedule a “least favorite” subject as the last subject of the day. Scheduling something fun at the end of the day promotes finishing on a positive note. Now, if math happens to be your students favorite class, that leaves you with a bit of a quandary. I’d love to hear how you solve that one.

Greg Melvin
Author: Greg Melvin